If this is going to be a food blog then there are going to have to be pictures of food! I don’t know the first thing about photography and from what I have read, food is not a forgiving subject. So I grabbed Big Daddy’s camera and turned from “Auto” to “M.” I had read something about food photography on the Internet and had a few tips under my hat. The only problem is I had NO idea what Aperture was or which way to turn the Shutter speed. After practicing a few hundred times on the fern’s in our yard, a spider web, and a banana peel, I decided it was time to try French Toast! Ok, this isn’t the prettiest French Toast in the world, but it suited the purpose. French Toast made with Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl Bread is one of the only ways I can get protein into my girls. I am all about protein! Fruit and vegetables no problem but when it comes to protein I really have to work. Unless I am really in a pinch I make all of their meals from scratch. I have asked millions (well maybe that’s an exaggeration) of mother’s what they give their kids for lunch or dinner. The number one answer is “chicken nuggets.” (#2 answer “buttered noodles”) Every now and then I will go to Whole Foods and pick up some “all natural,” “organic” chicken nuggets, but it just kills me to put them in front of the girls. I have to include a mound of ketchup on the plate which is the only way they might take a few bites. YUCK! So now I make my own chicken nuggets. They are actually more like french fries which is why the girls only know them as “Crusty Italian Fries.” If anybody goes to call them chicken I have to bang the pots and pans. Anyway… getting back to photography (more on Crusty Italian Fries later), I grabbed Rose’s French Toast and ran outside. I took pictures galore until I realized that Rose was sitting at the table waiting for her breakfast and Iris was running around for god knows how long without a diaper! Poor kids! But the picture is decent!

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