My mother Catherine Cremaldi (left) with Julia and Paul Child.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Hi, my name is Genevieve and my family has been in the food business for generations. My parents owned a specialty food shop called Cremaldi’s. I was one of the many chefs behind the scenes at Cremaldi’s. How that happened is a very long story, beginning with law school and ending with a French chef named Jean Claude. Cremaldi’s was located right outside of Harvard Square in Cambridge MA. It was a place where customers could buy quality hand made food. Even Julia Child shopped at Cremaldi’s. We prepared hundreds of entrees every week from Beef Stroganoff to Traditional Lasagna. We sold the best sliced meats, cheeses, produce, pates, filled pasta, sauces, sausages and desserts. We made everything from scratch! After 25 years we made the GIANT decision to close Cremaldi’s. Now I am a full time mother of Rose and Iris. I can honestly say that my new job is a million times harder. Most days I would like to fire myself, but would not trade it for the world! I still cook for a handful of old customers and love to bake for my family.

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