Last night my Mother and I made a macaroni dinner for friends. It is always fun for me to head over to my Mother’s house and cook with her. The store was always so busy, that even though we worked together 24/7 we never really got to talk, let alone be together to cook! My Mother’s house reminds me of the show Sanford and Son. In case you are too young, Sanford and Son was a sitcom in the 1970’s. I used to watch it with my Grandfather, who for some reason always reminded me of Red Fox, the lead actor. Red Fox played Fred Sanford, a 65 year old junk dealer in Watts (a neighborhood in Los Angeles) who ran the business with his son, Lamont, played by Demond Wilson. Anyway Fred’s living room was filled with junk and that is what my Mother’s kitchen looks like! My parents house is very old and the kitchen used to be a barn. The ceiling is all original barn board and beams. She has little, as she calls them, “gatzies” everywhere! I am always telling her to get rid of the junk. The funny thing is is that when someone new enters the kitchen they LOVE it! To cook you have to move a zillion things off the counters and out of the way, and you can never find anything, bowls, measure spoons, or pans, but somehow the meal always comes out great! My Mother’s kitchen brings people together in the best possible way. Last nights dinner was no exception. The macaroni turned out great and so did the berry pie I made for dessert.
The macaroni recipe I used is out of the Cremaldi Cookbook, Doubleday
2 1/2 cups flour and 4 eggs pulse in a food processor – if you do not have a food processor you can use the same recipe with the flour well method and a fork

We cut our macaroni Pappardelle

Iris helped! Rose just wanted to play hop scotch

The pie was deeeeeelicious!!!!!!!!
(more about the pie and recipe later!)

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