My name is Genevieve and I am addicted to blogs!
I remembered yesterday “wait I have a blog”. So, a little over a year later, I have decided to give my blog one more go round.
When I finally figured out how to log on to my blog I saw that I had actually made one post. It was fun reading the old post. I remember the morning like it was yesterday. It is unbelievable how much goes on in life in one year. Rose (4 in August) and Iris (1) my two little ones are getting so big. They actually kind of like each other now. Iris is starting to talk and best of all defend herself against her older sister. Go Iris! Rose will be starting her third year at Montessori school in the fall. Rose has so many little friends. As a result, I have many great new friends. The great thing about my life right now is that my girls are finally in a space where I think (and I repeat THINK)I can begin to say “hello” to Genevieve again!
I can’t guarantee that my blog will be as witty, or as interesting as some of the incredible blogs I am addicted to, but it will be real!
I am a forty year old(oh my god that is the first time since turning forty earlier this month that I have really said it!) mother of two little girls who needs to share! I realized this the other day when Rose said “mummy who are you talking to?” I did my best to explain that I was talking to myself. Rose replied as any 4 year old going on 80, “it’s OK mummy I talk to myself too.”
Enjoy my blog because now I will be talking to YOU!

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