So, there I am with 48 Petite Fours and no fondant icing. My supplier of fondant powder went out of business. I left the corn syrup out of my homemade fondant and had to throw it away and it was definitely too late to mail order. I quickly searched the Internet praying to find a new local source. I was in luck! One popped up! Lorraine’s Cake and Candy Supply in Hanover, MA

The only problem, Hanover is 40 miles south of Cambridge, heading towards Cape Cod, on a Thursday afternoon, in the summer time! A recipe for disaster, but I wasn’t giving up! By golly my dad was getting his Petite Fours! I dropped the girls off with my mother and got truckin’. I was in bumper to bumper traffic from the minute I got into the car. When I turned off of the main road towards the shop I was a little leery that I may have taken a wrong turn. Suddenly there it was and things were looking up.

Lorraine was so nice! She has owned the shop for over 30 years. She runs it with her daughter, who she hopes will take over some day. We talked about how cake supply shops are a dying breed. The generation that owned most of them have either retired or have passed away. Between the Internet and the lack of interest in cake decorating by the young generation, shops like Lorraine’s are becoming extinct. She has noticed that shows like Ace of Cakes and The Cake Boss are beginning to bring cake decorating back to life. As a result, her classes are filled with eager students from all over the state, some as far as 60 miles. Lorraine will be posting her fall classes soon so check out her website and GET BAKING!

Thank you Lorraine you saved my life and my dad’s Petite Fours!

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